Wireless Home Window/Door Entry Burglar Security Alarm with Magnetic Sensor and Loud Sound Siren


  • Easy installation
  • No wiring required
  • 105 db instant alarm
  • Secure doors & windows
  • Decline unauthorized entry
  • Low power standby consumption
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Product description:
The alarm is small and exquisite, easy to install with double-sided adhesive tape to provide easy installation in the door or window.
Its cheap, economical and offers practical technical preventive measures.
It has been fully affirmed by the residents and the police.
Simply primary and secondary parts are pasted on the door and door frame, or two windows, and aligned (leave about 5 mm gap).
Once a thief tries to break into or pry the window, attempted theft (main and auxiliary parts are separated), the alarm siren can send a strong alarm to deter thief and to alert the owner. We have to open the door or the window switch to control the switch.


Easily mounted by adhesive tape to window or door.
Magnetic sensor switch detects entry protecting your home or office whether you are in or out.
Warning door or window sticker is included in package
Operated by 3pcs. 1.5V LR44 button cell (Battery included in package)

Operation & Installation:
1,Use the double sided adhesive tape to fix the main unit at the side of the door/window.

2,Attach the bar magnet to door/window frame with the arrow aligning with the reference line of the main unit.

3,Test the setup by switching the system`s switch` switch to “ON” position of the main unit and see whether the alarm can be triggered by opening the door/ window.

Package included:
1 x alarm unit
1 x Magnetic sensor



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