Vibro shape Electric Body Shaper Slim Exercise Toning Belt


  • Use for just 10 minutes per day to see a difference
  • This product uses the latest technology to provide you with an effective elliptical swinging massage
  • It has warming function and 5 levels of intensity and auto modes to provide the best flexibility in chosen workout
  • It can help you achieve the desired shape. With appropriate diet it will become an effective way to lose weight
  • The belt can also be used on the shoulders, hips, and thighs for a full body workout
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If you don’t have time to exercise then the Vibro Shape Belt is for you.
Product Features:
⭕️ It contains more than speed as you wish, according to the area to be used by the remote control and works
⭕️ It has a heating thermal properties for the body to be using the device by which increases the speed of access to effective results
⭕️ Easy to carry anywhere you go to him
⭕️ It used to tighten contouring and slimming all over the body such as the abdomen and back and chest, shoulders, arms, thighs, buttocks, and legs _ is useful to relax the body and muscles
⭕️ Useful in cases of indigestion and constipation and improves the performance of the digestive system
⭕️ You can also add localized slimming creams during the usage to areas to be stretched out and melt away fat
⭕️ It could be used while lying down, watching TV, sitting at the computer, spending time with your family, working, cooking or simply resting
⭕️ AB toning system which uses a unique oscillating massage action to tone up specific body parts
⭕️ Will help you burn calories, lose weight, and eliminate cellulite
⭕️ Provides heated massage with clockwise and counterclockwise motion
⭕️ Allow your muscles to contract, 30-50 times per second
⭕️ Good for slimming, digesting, relaxing and exercising
What parts it can be used for?
⚫️ Shoulders, Hips, Abs, Thighs, Buns, Arms, Calves
How to use:
✔️ Use this massage belt regularly, 10-15 minutes a day
How does it slims the body?
⬛ It stimulates your fat cells so they are transformed into fatty acid glycerol which is then passed out as perspiration (sweat)

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