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Shure UGX10 II Professional Wireless Microphone System

The Shure UGX 10 II is a wireless microphone designed for karaoke and other applications. It is a premium microphone model offered by Shure. The microphone operates wirelessly and comes with two microphones and a receiver. The microphones are battery-powered and use AA 1.5V batteries, providing approximately 8 hours of usage time. The microphone has a sensitivity of 125 dB and a long-range capability of 200 meters. Its frequency response ranges from 80 Hz to 18 KHz, and the distortion rate is less than 0.5%. The microphone operates in the frequency range of 740-790 Hz. The kit includes a receiver and other accessories.


– Shure UGX10II wireless microphone is quite compact and luxurious, holding and using the mic becomes easier than ever.
– This set of microphones can be used well and can be used with an operating range of up to 200m. Users can use and move comfortably with a fairly large space.
-Sound quality is strictly controlled according to IEC 581-5 at ‚ȧ22dB. Therefore, the recording quality of this microphone is quite high.
-The use of the most modern transceiver technology today helps Shure UGX10 II microphones to be used better when it can minimize the howling sound when 2 frequencies coincide, when 2 mics are close to each other, and when resonating. sound with speakers causing jarring.
-The microphone handle is made of rust-proof metal and has a durable paint color. The microphone cover is made from stainless steel with yellow paint to help protect the mic and be durable over time.

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