Rice Drainer




Rice Drainer

You can wash, strain and serve in one bowl! Easy to use, less washing up dishes Integrated colander with small holes so it can be used with small grains, rice, quinoa & lentils Wash, serve and dress your salad in one bowl Rinsing can reduce chemicals and toxins on your food Wash off pesticides and soil from your vegetables Ensure any stones in your lentils or beans are washed away Not only does rinsing your rice reduce the surface starch to avoid clumpy, gluggy rice, it also removes any debris that is still present & significantly reduces chemical levels incurred during growing

How to use:
To clean rice, cover it with tap water and thoroughly stir; tilt the bowl on its side and watch the loose debris float to the top and drain through the strainer on the side. Repeat if necessary until the water is not cloudy.