Quartz room heater with 2 electric heating settings 400watts 800watts


Key Features:

  1. Adjustable thermostat
  2. Halogen Ceramic Heater
  3. Thermal automatic cut-out
  4. 2 Heating system 400W and 800W
  5. Electric Quartz Heater
  6. Safety Over Heat Protection
  7. Long duration of heating


Quartz room heater with 2 electric heating settings 400w 800w

This cold season, we got you covered. Say good buy to cold days and nights.
This portable Halogen Heater is the perfect heating solution for your home. It is energy efficient solution that provides just the right heat for you:
Perfect for all personal spaces – use anytime at home, in the office.
Designed with halogen technology that provides fast, even heating, it is energy efficient.
With two button manual controls, it is simple to use – a great way to keep your space cozy and warm.
This Halogen heater is designed to give instant heat and makes the room warmer instantly. It comes with safety grills and variable heat settings. It is fully portable and can be moved around the house with minimum disruption.
Very effective warm quartz lamp heater uses less electricity than most other space heaters. It is quiet, with a soft orange glow to make the room look and feel warm. Great for bedrooms, living rooms, or under desks in office.
Two Heat setting 400/800 watts with Tipover safety protection

Key Features:
-Power: 220 – 240V
-Quartz Heating Tubes
-Safety Tip Over Switch
-Portable – Easy to move
-Halogen Heater
-Thermal automatic cut-out
-Safety Over Heat Protection
-Long duration of heating
-2 Heat Settings: 400watts & 800watts


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