Night & Day antiglare driving wraparound glasses


  • These Unisex HD Vision Wraparounds let you see with enhanced color and clarity just like high definition TV’s and at the fraction of a price of designer glasses.
  • You can slide them over your prescription glasses, if you wish to look stylish and have a clear vision at the same time
  • These over glasses sunglasses allow you to always see clearly, no matter how bright the day is! These sunglasses are perfect for outdoor sports and activities.
  • Wear over sunglasses also have the extra special feature of periphery protection which blocks light from all directions, and keeps your eyes protected no matter where you go!
  • Our fit over sunglasses are created from a superior plastic material which is resistant to scratching, breaking, and bending! Be as active as you like and never worry about destroying our durable wraparound sunglasses!
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Protect yourself when driving at night from the harmful/blinding headlight glare by oncoming , using the HD night vision anti-glare driving glasses. They cut the headlights glare by an amazing 95% and that allows you to drive safely & comfortably. Buy one pair HD night vision anti-glare driving glasses, get ONE PAIR SUNGLASSES FREE. They both fit well over the prescription glasses.


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