Korea King Water Filter Filtration System Dispenser


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Get the crisp, clean taste of filtered water without buying bottles. Take your health to new height by Using this height 15 litre Quality water purifier. It is made from finest plastic with strong density to ensure durability and your satisfaction.

Korean King makes drinking water healthy and safe through six stages of purification. It is a completely natural process. It works without any electricity and it does not require a continuous flow of water supply. This means you do not need to add a water pipe fixture or pay extra electricity bills.

The water that you drink is not only cleaned and sterilized but also made healthier through the addition of valuable minerals. The result is a healthy, refreshing water just as nature gives you. You will also find that your soup and coffee will taste better when it is made with this water.

1. Ceramic filtration: This has been called the “dead end filtration”. It removes harmful and unnecessary substances down to .3 microns in size. Rust, sand, dust, salt and even bacteria such as cholera, typhoid, coliform. The ceramic filter can be gently cleaned using a nylon scouring pad. This can be repeated many times before the filter has to be changed –usually 6 – 12 monthly depending on your water quality.
2. Granular activated carbon: Active carbon is one of the best and most used filtering materials for water treatment due to its adsorbing effect with respect to organic and health endangering chemicals. These include chlorine, carcinogenic substances (THM), iron, zinc and copper.
3. Silica sand: The most common mineral on the earth’s surface, it eliminates acidic components from water and maintains pH balance to make water fresh.
4. Zeolite: Zeolites can perform ion exchange, filtering, odour removal, chemical sieve and gas absorption tasks.
5. Mineral Sand: Releases minerals to adjust the pH balance and preserves the freshness of water.
6. Ion Exchange Resin: Remove poisonous (e.g. copper) and heavy metal (e.g. lead or cadmium) ions from water and replaces them with harmless ions, such as sodium and potassium.

Capsulated Mineral Stone: Silver impregnated stones kept in a case are in constant contact with water. This sterilizes bacteria and germs, absorbs metallic products and slowly enhances oxygen.


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