Kamisafe KM-7603D emergency lamp light rechargeable LED hanging lamp outdoor indoor dual tube 1500mah battery


Product Characteristics:

1.Built-in lead-acid battery rechargeable and free maintenance, with high capacity to 3000mAH; long life span, can be used circularly 500 times above;
2.Light source use environmental and super brightness white color LED,life span can reach 100,000h; low power consumption; the 60pcs led in strong light consume 6W and can work over 2h; The weak light consume 2W and can work over 6h;
3.Pushing switch, you can free to choose strong light and weak light, better use of energy according to the environmental needs.
4.Attached with energy saving, environmental solar and power adaptor DC input port;
5.The product can supply power to other products;
6.The lamp has emergency function and is the best choice of as emergency light in all kinds of outdoor recreation, field work, home and market.

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Kamisafe KM-7603D emergency lamp light rechargeable LED hanging lamp for outdoor and indoor use dual tube 1500mah battery

– Dual SMD LED tube lights
– High and low power setting
– Rechargeable by mains power (240V) or by solar panel (12v adaptor- not supplied)
– Has both pull string and power buttons
– Can hang from the ceiling on can be mounted on the wall


Kamisafe Rechargeable Portable Emergency Lamp ensures No more darkness in offices, homes, shop, garage or any place. You don’t need to reach for candles, just switch it on to put off darkness. Its designed to function with its own main battery.
Made to give you best lighting, You wont regret getting this product. It is powered by a maintenance free lead acid  battery that has a long useful life. For charging the internal battery you can use mains power through the power cable or you can use a 12v solar panel with a connector. It is great for Emergencies, outdoor activities and convenient to keep in your car!

Basic Specification

Charge modes AC charge
Charge time AC10H/DC6H
Product Name LED Emergency Light
LED Output Power 6W
LED quantity 60pcs SMD LED
Light Source LED
Battery Capacity 3.0AH
Voltage 110-220V
Application Airport, Bathroom, Bathroom Room, Bedroom, Car Park, Church, Cinema, Gallery, Garage, Hospital, Hotel, Kitchen, Meeting Room, Museum, Office, Restaurant, School, Shopping Mall, Sitting Room
Battery Type Lead Acid

Instruction to Use:
1.When charging, push the switch to OFF first, then insert the one end of eight-character round AC power cord into the product charging socket, insert another end into the AC110 ~ 240V/50 ~ 60Hz power source socket, the relevant charging indicator light is on, it takes about 10 hours for the full charge;
2.In the state of AC charging, all the led light is off whatever the switch is; and it only charges for battery, but at this time, lamp has emergency function, LED will automatically lighten when suddenly power lost.
3.When use, push the switch to weak light or strong light(depends on need), LED light is on; to “OFF” position, LED light is off.
4.If adopt solar energy charging, the output parameters is: voltage ≥7V, current 0.5A. It costs about 6h for full charge;
5.If adopt adaptor charging, the output parameters is: voltage 5V, current 0.5A. It costs about6h for full charge;
6.The product can supply power to other products, the output parameters is: voltage 4V, current 0.5A.

1.To ensure the life of battery, please recharge 3h before first use. In the process of use, stop using and charging it promptly when the ray of the light is becoming dim obviously;
2.When use, do not shine eyes directly in case of affecting eyesight (Child should be guided under adults);
3.When use AC charging, don’t use DC charge at the same time(AC and DC can’t be used at the same time)
4.The longest charging time can not surpass 20 hours;
5.Please charge it every two months and push the power switch to”OFF” position when it is unused;
6.Please follow the instructions requirements strictly, do not dissemble the product randomly; the company does not assume any responsibility on adverse consequences caused by illegal operations.


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