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Fixed Wireless Dual Simcard Desktop Phone for Home & Offices – GSM FWP 6588 landline phone

This is a GSM wireless dual sim phone which operates just like an ordinary mobile phone and is compatible with all networks.It has an FM radio calendar sms features and alarm.
GSM fixed wireless phone ETS-6588 can be used with all service providers, i.e safaricom , Airtel, Orange and Telecom. If one is looking for a home phone this is the best phone as it has an easy user manual.


1. Dual SIM Card Slots:
The GSM FWP 6588 comes equipped with two SIM card slots, allowing you to use two different GSM SIM cards simultaneously. This feature enables you to have two active phone lines on a single device, which can be useful for separating personal and business calls or utilizing different service providers.

2. Fixed Wireless Phone (FWP):
Unlike traditional landline phones that require a physical telephone line connection, the GSM FWP 6588 operates wirelessly using a GSM network. This means that you don’t need a physical telephone line or an internet connection to use this device. It relies on cellular networks for communication.

3. Desktop Design:
The GSM FWP 6588 is designed to be used on a desktop or tabletop. It typically features a built-in antenna, a numerical keypad, a display screen for caller ID and menu navigation, and other standard phone functions.

4 . Voice Calls and SMS:
With the GSM FWP 6588, you can make and receive voice calls, as well as send and receive text messages (SMS). It offers basic telephony features such as call waiting, call forwarding, call hold, and conference calls, depending on the capabilities provided by your service provider.

5. Wireless Range:
The range of the GSM FWP 6588 depends on the signal strength of the GSM network in your area. It operates similarly to a mobile phone in terms of coverage, so you can expect a range similar to what you would experience with your regular mobile phone.

6. Compatibility:
The GSM FWP 6588 is compatible with GSM networks, which are widely used by cellular service providers around the world. However, it’s important to check the specific frequency bands supported by the device to ensure compatibility with your local GSM network.

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