Enerbras Enerducha 3T Instant Hot Shower

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♦ Constant water jet with lots of hot water and a large flow area.

♦ Simplified element change system. Do not requires tools.

♦ Seal without rubber ring facilitates opening and closing of the nozzle.

♦ Recommended for low pressure hydraulic systems.

♦ Dual heating chamber, guaranteeing greater safety and energy efficiency.


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-Ability to handle salty, hard, borehole and fresh water with its thick heating element.
-Double heating chamber guaranteeing more safety and energy efficiency (higher than 95%).
-A dense jet of hot water from its directed spreader with large water flow area.

-Simplified replacement element change system.
-3 temperature settings.
-Recommended for low-pressure water installations.
-Dual heating chamber, guaranteeing greater safety and energy efficiency.
-Available in white, blue, grey and salmon to suit any bathroom decor.

IMPORTANT: Before installing the instant shower heater, carefully read the instruction manual.

* Grounding system has capture points at the water inlet
and outlet. Leakage current in water less than 5mA *.
* When water has a minimum resistivity of 1,300 Ωcm at 22ºC.
* Suitable for working safely in pressures up to
40 meters of water column (400kPa).
* Conductors with 50cm, allowing electrical connection
inside the passage box, eliminating apparent splicing.
* Mechanism designed with cushioning system,
presenting longer contacts life.
* Simplified resistance exchange system, through
a coupled bracket.
* Does not use rubber gasket.
* Installation and operation manual, step-by-step, illustrated.
* Double heating chamber, ensuring greater safety
and energy efficiency.
* Energy efficiency (yield) greater than 95%.


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