Electric Car Jack Kit 12v Scissor Floor Lift Auto Wrench Air Pump


【Higher Stability and Safety】:
High quality heavy-duty thickened steel plate, and compact triangle design, make sure our car jack is stable and secure. Furthermore, it will automatically stop when reaches the height limitation (42cm).

【Powerful & Efficient】:
3 Ton lifting capacity, can lift the car in less than 2 minute, perfect for roadside tire change and repair. Besides it’s totally water-proof so you can use it even on rainy day. Electric impact wrench rotate by 360 degree with powerful torque, loosen/ tighten each Lug Nut in 5 seconds.

【Perfect for Sedan & SUV】:
2 removable raised heads respectively designed for Sedan and SUV, vehicles under 3 ton can be easily lifted, but DO NOT use it on trucks and those over 3 ton.

【Built-in LED & 2-way Power Supply】:
Both the car jack and the wrench has a convenient built-in flash LED light that enables operation at night. In addition, they can be powered

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This Electric Car Jack Kit 12v Scissor Floor Lift Auto Wrench Air Pump is a necessary car repair tool whenever faced with a roadside emergency,such as changing tires and checking the bottom of the car. It is Suitable for sedans,SUV under 3 Ton. Bid farewell to laborious and tedious manual dismounting. The electric car jack is Simple  to operate , has strong practicability and high safety factor. It helps you to avoid potential risks that may occur in traditional tire replacing.

Fixing a flat tire with a manual jack can be hard and tiring, and asking a repairman to do it can be very expensive. Solution? Get Automatic Car Jack Set and fix that flat tire yourself at friction of time, money, and energy! How does it work? Simply, connect the Automatic Car Jack into the cigarette lighter and lift your car with a push of a button and your car motor. Then simply replace the car wheel with all the correct instruments you have in a set and you are ready to go! Why your should get Automatic Car Jack Set today You just need to have one flat tire to be happy that you have Automatic Car Jack Set. It will save you time, money, and energy waiting and paying for that auto mechanic or trying to fix everything yourself.

-Lifting Range: 12-37cm/17-42cm
-Rated Load Capacity: 3T
-Control Method: Wire
-Voltage: DC 12V or Vehicle battery power supply
-Rated Current: 10A
-Output Power: 120W OC Protection: 15A

Car Jack Box Includes:
-electric jack : 1pcs
-plastic tool box: 1pcs
-battery clamp connecting cable 1pcs
-3.5M Power cable:1pcs
-fuse 3pcs
-crank handle:1 pcs
-steel saddle:2pc
-instruction manual:1pcs

1.Absolutely do not go over the stated limits and restrictions. This product is only applicable to small and medium vehicles (within 3T), the lifting of larger ones beyond 3 tons is not supported. The manufacturer is not responsible for incorrect use.
2. Electric car jack must be used on flat ground.
3. To ensure sufficient electricity, it is better to start the vehicle before the actual operation.
4. When the electric car jack is working, please do not get too close to the car and use a finger to touch it to avoid any personal injury.
5. In the lifting process of the electric car jack, if it suddenly stops working, you can insert the hand crank into the hole of the gear case cover backside and rotate it in an anticlockwise direction to decline. (Prohibit the use of hand crank to lift up).
6. Please pay attention to the battery plus and minus, when the battery clip is connected to the car battery (dc 12v), do not reverse the position


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