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Dessini 8 Litres Electric Air Fryer Multi-functional Large 1800W 8L Digital Oil Free Air Fryer Oven for Healthy Lifestyle

The Digital Air Fryer helps you reduce up to 80% of your fat intake enabling you to fry food without the need of oil. It features rapid air technology, an adjustable temperature control and a 30 minute timer that helps you pre-set your cooking time. This innovative kitchen appliance helps you cook healthier by frying a variety of foods through the use of a grill and superheated air.
The Integrated air filter keeps your kitchen fresh and clean while parts of the air fryer are removable and dishwasher safe. Cooking deliciously is not enough anymore. Healthy cooking is the new life hack! This Air Fryer with Rapid Air Circulation Technology will be your new kitchen assistant with 80% fat free cooking even with deep fried food.
The air fryer is large enough to make frying large quantities less hectic. It has a multi-function capability. Air frying works well for making crisp and golden onion rings,fry French fries, chicken-wings, steak, egg tarts Fry fish, meat or potatoes. Enjoy Oil-free toasting! In fact, it works so well that you won’t even miss the conventionally fried versions of these foods.


It is also handy for fast heating delivering hot delicacies in an instant. Moreover it is made of easy to clean non-stick material ensuring food safety and hygiene is maintained. It is cost efficient as only a little oil is used due to the air circulating mechanism.
This air fryer features an easy-release catch handle  for the frying basket to prevent burns.

-Healthy eating lifestyle.
-Adjustable timer.
-Temperature control.
-Capacity: 8L
-High-power performance for fast cooking results .
-Easy to clean and creates less smell than normal fryers.
-Non stick

-Easy to Use – Its easy-to-use control dials let you select time and temperature, so it exposes food to precise, circulating heat that cooks evenly with a crisp finish
-Healthy Options – Ideal for making crisp French fries, onions rings, fish chips and more…all just as delicious as the deep-fried versions but without the oil, fat and added calories
-Exclusive Design – Our exclusive hot air fryer features a stay-cool handle for effortless transport and easy-release catch for frying basket