Mini LED Laser Projector Stage Lighting Laser Club Dj Disco Bar Portable Laser Stage Light Effect Strobe with Remote & Tripod

With a projected-light, it gives out brilliant colorful light beams that play automatically or according to music. It comes with a built-in fan for heat dissipation, a tripod to conveniently place it on any surface. Compact and lightweight. High quality aluminum alloy housing. Suitable for discos, ballrooms, KTV rooms, bars, stages, parties and hotels, etc. When you connect the light to power and turn on the switch, you will see a variety of lighting patterns on the wall or floor such as red stars, green points, light point constantly changing or moving. You can also adjust the speed control button to adjust the star cloud changing speed. The music mode: The “Mic” hole will sense the sound level to change the frequency and intensity of the light. In stroboflash mode, the stage lights will stroboflash constantly.


1. Compact and Portable:
The Mini LED Laser Projector is designed to be lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport and set up for various events and venues.

2. Laser Lighting Effect:
This projector utilizes laser technology to create vibrant and dynamic lighting effects, adding excitement and visual interest to the atmosphere. It produces colorful laser beams and patterns that can be projected onto walls, ceilings, or dance floors.

3. Strobe Function:
The projector includes a strobe feature that allows for rapid flashing of the laser beams, adding a pulsating and energetic effect to the lighting display.

4. Remote Control:
The device typically comes with a remote control, enabling convenient operation from a distance. You can adjust settings, switch between different lighting modes, control the strobe effect, and customize the light patterns.

5. Tripod Mount:
The Mini LED Laser Projector often comes with a tripod mount, providing stability and flexibility in positioning the device. You can easily adjust the height and angle to achieve the desired lighting projection.

6. Applications:
This stage lighting equipment is suitable for various events and venues, including clubs, discos, bars, parties, concerts, and DJ performances. It enhances the overall visual experience and creates an engaging atmosphere.

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